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Grand Mesa CrossFit

At Grand Mesa CrossFit, we believe if we improve the quality of one person’s life, or one person’s day, that will affect many, and as a result we can change families, neighborhoods, and even countries – one athlete at a time.


Rebecca Remus
Rebecca RemusOwner, Coach
Chase Cledennen
Chase CledennenHead Coach/Programming
Kyle Conrado
Kyle ConradoCoach, CrossFit Kids
Mandy Moore
Mandy MooreGMCF Run for Good Coach
Mike Mohler
Mike MohlerCoach, Motivation Expert
Brother Remus
Brother RemusGMCF Coach
Quincy Clendennen
Quincy ClendennenCoach

Hear From Our Athletes

The best advice I can give is to pay attention to your own body and how you feel–nothing’s wrong with the amount of weight you have on the bar, no matter how it compares to others, and this is YOUR journey. No one else’s.

Mandy Moore

The workouts are hard and challenging but can be modified so there are no excuses. You will be surprised at some of the things you can do.

Jose and Erika Chavera

Goals? I actually didn’t have any. Goals are one of those things which work better for some than others I think. My mantra is “just show up”, if you just show up – something will happen. I have changed a bit on this as I do have some goals now. But my real goal is to keep getting better.

Ed Brown

CrossFit has completely changed my life outside of the gym. Every WOD at Grand Mesa has been amazing and challenging for me. I knew physically I was capable, but it was more mentally for me.  I was not giving myself enough credit and always stepping down instead of taking that step up. CrossFit has given me the motivation to do anything I can set my mind to.

Leslie Paredes